Faraaz Full Movie Review: A Must-Watch

Release date:       3 February 2023 (India)
Director:               हंसल मेहता 
Distributed by:   AA Films, Viacom18 Studios, Home Screen Entertainment
Based on:              July 2016 Dhaka attack, Holey Artisan Bakery

Production companies: T-Series

Faraaz Movie is based on a true incident which is based on the terrorist attack in Bangladesh in 2016. This movie has been told about the loss of life and people suffering in that attack. This movie is directed by Hasan Mehta. The movie is tense and Claustrophobic thriller movie in which a terrorist gang takes a group prisoner.

The Story

The film is based on a terrorist attack at an event in Bangladesh, Holi Artis Bakery, in which a group of terrorists barge in and take the attendees captive and start arguing with the police and make some demands. One of the people named Faraz comes out of that soul while escaping from the terrorists, meanwhile this movie is based on the whole story of Samresh.
As the night wears on, the tension in the cafe rises as the people who were kidnapped are forced to contend with the terrorists and face the situation with determination. The stories of those people with the issues are shown very beautifully, that is shown closely on the telling visuals.

The Performances

Looking at the performance in Faraaz movie, we can say that it is not a surprise. The actors in this movie have tried to portray the roles played with great enthusiasm. The script of the movie is very difficult. But all the actors working in it have given their full performance to make their audience happy which is a good thing

The Direction

The director of this movie, Hesal Mehta, put his full effort in filling this movie with tension and claustrophobia and he was also successful. The film has been presented in a very spectacular and gritty style to connect this movie with life and attract the audience. To make one feel that he is in this morning and not this movie is a very difficult and difficult task to direct a film like this, in which Hansal Mehta has succeeded very easily.
Hansal Mehta that I find it a great thing that he is considered to be the master of creating fear in a movie and you are getting to see that quality in this movie which leads the audience to watch this movie.


Faraaz Movie is based on a terrorist attack that took place in Bangladesh in 2016 in a cafe in which a gang of terrorists took the people present in the cafe hostage. The movie was a night long intense meditation in which Hansal Mehta has very well revealed this accident in the form of a movie. People who know about this accident and those who want to know what happened that night can watch this movie. Anyone can watch the movie Because this movie is told about people struggling with a problem and due to the intelligence of one of those people, bravery was demonstrated like saving many lives. In my opinion, if you are considering this movie If yes then tell your father you should watch this movie thank you see you again in a new blog Ravi bye bye